Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We made it!

Originally I wanted to do daily video updates. But I'm not sure that will be possible unless I'm able to get an adapter that works with my lap top. In fact, I've got 8% batter power left right now so I'm going to be very brief.

First let me give you the back story behind these pictures...

This is the team right after hopping the pond. We were lucky enough to have a 12 hour layover in London. Bloody hell people! Look at those blokes:)
 This was the school we went to today. I'll write more about how this school works, but in a nut shell they basically train people on how to effectively minister to people. The thing that most impressed me was that they follow a model of pray, serve, then share. Pray for the person, help them out in some way, and share the Gospel when they ask, why are you doing this? It's how Jesus ministered and I never really realized that until I heard how they operate today

This is a picture of the students taking a break in the court yard. Everyone was so hospitable. They offered us chi tea, which was not like the chi I'm used to but still good none the less.

I really have so much more to share. I've been shooting video and taking pictures like crazy. But alas, my battery is down to 4% now and if I don't post soon, it wont get posted. So... keep coming back. I'll try and add more as I'm able.

Please keep our team in your prayers.

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