Thursday, March 21, 2013


Greetings everyone! I'm really starting to get pumped about fundraising, as crazy as that sounds. I have another idea for something kind of fun. I may host a party at my house and charge something like $10 or $15 a head, and we can all make sushi. Sushi is relatively easy to make, and I have all the things necessary to make rolls. The Commissary sells sushi grade tuna and salmon. Throw in some good music and I think it could really work.

I'll hash out dates sometime early next week, so please check back then.

PayPal sent me a credit card reader that I'm able to use on my cell phone. This will be helpful for people, like myself, who don't carry cash. I tested it out when it came and donated $5 to the fund. The system will text you or email you a receipt so that is nice.

I realize some people may feel awkward just handing me money. I mean, some people may not know me very well or are uncomfortable just giving money to something like this, so I put together a document you can always check to see what money is coming in, who gave it (not using last names, just last name initials) and basically what makes up the running total. I put a link under where the grand total is on this website, but you can also check out the public document here:

Finally, I mentioned in my last post that Kim from my church is about to go to Kabale Uganda. This is her second time going and she leaves Saturday and comes back April 1st. If you're a believer, please pray that God exceeds the mission team's expectations as far as doing God's work there. Pray for their safety and that the people they will minister to and help will truly be blessed and most importantly that they see Jesus through these missionaries, and hopefully accept Him as their savior.