Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Dance

I've been a little nervous about the lack of money coming in for the trip. I was a little surprised. Now I'm a little surprised that I was surprised. I mean, did I really expect this to be easy? What fun would that be? So I said a little prayer asking God to show me how to raise some money, as you know I have to get something like $1800 by June 15th for the ticket and some other things. I'll find out more and share soon.

A few weeks back there was this new couple at Church, John and Kim. Mom and I sat next to them and we had a nice conversation about juicing (which I'm a bit fanatical about). We also discussed Netflix and all the nutrition and food documentaries you can stream. That's the back story.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. As I was getting ready something inside kind of said they would be there. A lot of times I don't really trust this inner voice as I never really know when it's just me or it could be the Holy Spirit. But I remember thinking in my head it would be cool if they were there, that I really enjoyed talking with both of them.

And as fate would have it, they were. But here's the kicker. Kim is about to go to Uganda on a mission trip. When I found out, I asked her if she could share with me some fundraising ideas, to which she did. She had been fundraising since November for this upcoming trip and she had many ideas that I'm currently developing right now.

The two biggest ideas that I'm most excited about is Salsa Night at Kever Manor! What am I talking about, right? I just met a girl who loves to Salsa dance and I think I got her to agree to teach people how to do it. So I'll have a party of sorts, charge $10 at the door (100% proceeds go to the mission trip) and we can all learn to Salsa. I think it sounds like a lot of fun and a great excuse to make some fresh salsa and Latin food.

Anyhow, I have to work on it a bit more but I think it sounds like a lot of fun.

The next idea is maybe to do a bake sale. I can cook. Maybe I can con others into cooking some stuff, and I can park it outside a Giant Supermarket for a few hours selling baked goods. Of course I'll offer free samples as the Amish do that at their market and it works really well.

So there's some good news here. I suppose the bad news, or uncomfortable news (I should say) is this is really challenging me to step outside of my comfort zone. But I'm game. What's the worst that can happen?

Finally, I'd like to recognize two people for their support. Carlo for retweeting the support message and making a donation. I'm very grateful that you've taken an interest in what I'm doing. And @missionsmanual on Twitter for the retweet. Words can't explain how happy I am that people are paying attention.

Ultimately all this that I'm doing, isn't even for me. It's for the people in India where we're going. I want to be a part of showing God's love to these people, who live content and fulfilled at a much standard of living than we do. Who knows, maybe these Indians can show me something about God too.