Monday, March 11, 2013

Now is the time.

It has been years since I've been on a mission trip. The last one was with the campus ministry I was a part of at the University of Kentucky and we went to Mexico. It was hard work for sure but worth it on many levels as I still have fond memories of the people we built the two homes for and the great people I was working with. But that was in college. The idea of going on a mission trip was not something I really entertained, even when the church I recently moved to started suggesting it. But one Sunday, a voice said inside me, you'll be going on this trip and you'll be producing video for it. I immediately shushed the voice and almost as quickly felt convicted. That is how all this began.

I started praying about it and asking questions. My biggest concern was money, so at first I just assumed I'd pay for it out of my own pocket. What I really didn't want to do was approach friends, family and acquaintances, asking for support. I started crunching the numbers to see if I could afford it on my own. And even though now I know I probably can't pay for it on my own, my heart was convicted. Why, if God was telling me to do this, would I be embarrassed to do it? I can do almost anything else God asks me, but asking others for help? Is that the line I wont cross?


So I'm not sure if I can raise enough to fund this trip, but I'll try my hardest. In in return, I have something to work for that will please God, and I plan to blog the whole way through.

The trip is the week of Thanksgiving and there's a lot to do before then. I believe I need to raise $1800 by June so I have some work to do.

Even if you're not able to donate anything to this, I would still appreciate your prayers and attention. God is going to do some amazing things here. I know because that is who he is.